Retro Racing – Android Studio – AdMob Ads Reward Video

Retro Racing- Android Studio – AdMob Ads Reward Video


About Retro Racing:
Skid, slide, spin and drive around the track at break neck speed, collecting power-ups as you go. Master the perfect racing line, avoid other cars  and speed your way to victory in this adrenaline pumping top-down racer…

  • Rewarded Video Ads
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Latest Admob SDK
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Intuitive Experience
  • Viral Potential
  • High Replay Value
  • Google Play Store Ready

How To Play:

  • Touch screen to jump

Make Money Tapping Into The App Industry:

  • AdMob Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads Rewarded Video Ads

Whats Included:

  • Android Studio Source Code Game Assets
  • Android Studio Tutorial Documentation PDF
  • Reskin Tutorial PDF
  • Google Play Developer Tutorial PDF


  • Android Studio
  • Java JRE 7 or above


Simply replace all of the provided images with art of your choosing, making sure that the dimensions of the images are the same. You can easy reskin this game. The attached pdf tutorials guides you through the reskinning and publishing process. Google Play Ready.

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